Our Mission

Our mission is to be the foundation in which our partners achieve success by providing industry innovation, dependable expertise and never being satisfied with the status quo.

Tac-Co 2K Heat Cure Coating

2K Series coatings are a high-performance 2-component oven curable coatings. 

2K series are a Nano-Ceramic Hybrid coating system, giving it an intrinsic bond to the substrate.

2K SERIES coatings are extremely tough, extremely corrosion, mid temperature range resistant.

2K SERIES thin film coatings have excellent UV, chemical & abrasion resistance.

2K series offer a Wet-Grip feature that aids control and grip when exposed to rain, moisture, etc.

2K is also available in a variety of textures to also aid in additional grip and handing control.

Tac-Co 2K Air Cure Coating

1400 coatings are a high-performance single component coating, ambient air or oven curable. 

1400 coatings create a covalent bond to the substrate giving it an intrinsic bond to surfaces

1400 coatings are extremely tough, • extremely corrosion • extremely heat & flame resistant. 

1400 thin film coatings have • excellent UV resistance • excellent chemical & abrasion resistance 

1400 Series products are available with “Wet-Grip” that allows for added control and grip of the coated surface, when expose to rain, moisture, etc.

1400 series products are also available with a variety of textures within the coating to  further enhance control and grip under severe conditions


Next generation coating for the next generation of warriors.

Law Enforcement

When seconds matter make sure you have the best grip.

Our Values

·        Family First

·        Have Humility

·        Grow Relationships

·        Grow Yourself

·        Passion for Innovation

·        Good Is Not Good Enough

Our Promise to You

We will always be made in the USA
We will never stop innovating
We will always have your six
We will never compete with our partners
We will only certify and partner with the best
We will provide exclusive access to products & onsite training
We will prioritize knowledge, expertise and partner support

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