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EPA Approved

Our coatings keep you safe in more ways than one. Our coatings are EPA Approved.

Environmentally Friendly

All our products are environmentally friendly. We don't want to keep you safe at the cost of the environment.

Easy To Use

Our coatings save you time by being easy to use and have minimal maintenance.

Cootie Spray® is the world’s first TWO-IN-ONE water-repellant and antimicrobial nano ceramic coating formulated specifically to keep our first responder’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) performing at the highest levels. 

As a former wildland firefighter, our founder Chance Paris, knows firsthand what having great equipment means to keeping first responder’s mission-focused. With Cootie Spray, we have focused on two critical areas: performance and protection.


Keep Your Family Safe

First Responder

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