The world's first antimicrobial nano ceramic coating

formulated specifically to combat virus colonization for up to 90 days with a single application!


EPA Registered (No. 83019-1) BIOSAFE* Antimicrobial continuously combats virus colonization for up to 90 days.

Easy Application

Easy application and reapplication - simply spray it on and it will be ready for action in under 30 minutes.

Water Repellant

Like water on the back of a duck, items coated will gain hydrophobic properties

So how does it work?

Think of a nail popping a water balloon. Our EPA Registered (No. 83019-1) BIOSAFE® Antimicrobial agent has microscopic “spikes” that work to kill microorganisms by puncturing the cell walls instead of leaching into cells like conventional antimicrobials. Not only does this method mean viruses will be killed on contact, it also ensures viruses won’t have the time to mutate and eventually become resistant to the antimicrobial agent. This advanced safe cleaning product sprays on wet and dries to a clear nano-barrier in minutes.

Easier Cleanup Too!

Not only will Cootie Spray help keep your employees happy and healthy, after your surfaces have been coated with this industry-leading disinfectant cleaner, spills, grease, and other mishaps will bead on the surface instead of soaking in. This makes any coated surface extremely low-maintenance, easy-to-clean. After using Cootie Spray, you’ll never leave any surface uncoated ever again! The saved cleaning time alone will pay for Cootie Spray a hundred times over.

Cootie Spray® Properties

  • EPA Registered (No.83019-1) BIOSAFE® Antimicrobial
  • EPA Registered (61178-5) Medical Grade disinfectant
  • Clear-dry application that does not cause skin irritation during everyday use
  • Up to 550 sq ft coverage per gallon (with mechanical application and up to 5000 sg ft p/gallon with electrostatic application)
  • Fully cures in under 30 minutes
  • Various scents available upon request
  • Increased surface durability
  • Low-maintenance, easy-to-clean surfaces

Protect your Equipment, your Staff, and your Community. Cootie Spray® for the ultimate peace of mind.


What can I coat with Cootie Spray®?

Coat any surfaces that get constantly touched and are more susceptible to carrying viruses. Light switches, doors, door frames, doorknobs, tables, chairs, walls, kitchen appliances, and much more.

Can I use normal cleaners between Cootie Spray® applications?

Yes! Unlike polymer-based antimicrobial coatings, our nano ceramic antimicrobial coating is strong enough to be cleaned by everyday cleaners like bleach without reducing lifespan.

I’ve heard of other companies doing antimicrobial coatings, how is yours different?

The industry standard today is a polymer-based antimicrobial coating. This has several disadvantages. First, due to it’s hazardous nature, it has to be applied professionally unlike Cootie Spray® which anyone can apply. Second, they discourage the use of householder cleaners between applications because they will break down the polymer. Our nano ceramic will not break down by using cleaners. Last, they often want you to sign up for a recurring contract for reapplication. With Cootie Spray®, there’s no contract, just buy what you need when you need it.

Who is Tac Co USA?

Tac Co USA is a team of inventors, chemists and entrepreneurs that have officially brought the world’s first antimicrobial nano ceramic coatings to market. With a wide range of specifically formulated coatings designed for hard surfaces, reflective surfaces, textiles, personal protective equipment and flooring, Tac Co USA is redefining and transforming the coatings industry worldwide.

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Cootie Spray® is the world’s first TWO-IN-ONE surface disinfectant cleaner combined with a long-term antimicrobial nano ceramic coating formulated specifically to combat virus colonization for up to 90 days with a single application!

But here’s the real kicker: Cootie Spray® does not require a professional application. Due to the low VOC, non-hazardous formulation, Cootie Spray® is a safe cleaning product that can be applied without masks or other safety equipment as you would with any other commercial cleaner. It even has a pleasant, non-harsh mint smell that will keep you using it everywhere.

Cootie Spray is a safe cleaning product that’s EPA Registered (No. 61178-5-10350) disinfectant spray ability kills 99.9% of known viruses and other microorganisms on immediate contact. After being applied it only takes 30 minutes for the antimicrobial ceramic coating to cure onto the surface, creating a long-term bond that will continue to kill viruses for up to three months. All of this without multiple coating stages and constant surface cleaning.